if i write about this film i will named it ‘THE ASTRONAUT ON PLANET EARTH’

i really liked the way she shoot the film like IRAQ is an another planet and americans (especially the main character) took themselves like astronauts who invade to another planets and fighting with aliens , the main character’s uniform looked like the astronaut uniform soooo much .

There’re no killing Iraq ppl scenes in this film too. eventhough it have one scene of fighting in middle of the desert between the americans and the terrorists( i wonder which one is more terror) they ‘re still a far away !

I think this film can screen together with REDEMPTION (Sabrina Wulff/2008/Germany)A+++++++++++++++++++ it was the opposite way together but it shared the same issue too

i think the ‘documentary style’ in this film is very interesting most of war films in this decade was shooting in documentary style , due to this issue we can relate it to THE FORTH KIND and then back to films like CLOVERFIELD or PARANORMAL ACTIVITY in horror genre or BLACK HAWK DOWN and THE KINGDOM in war genre and i think ‘addicted to relity’ is the ‘Syndrome of our century’!

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