LA MONDE VIVANT (EUGENE GREEN/2003/FR) A+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

I feel so lucky that i’ve read about Barthes today .I think we can use what Barthes said to interprete this film . First, it was a minmizing of fairytales by telling a stories like a knights , aprincess, a castle , an orge , a sword , fighting , love , death and reunite , but not using any elements but the story only, so only grand narrative was capturing and we see the relationship of character ,the powers to one another that can replace by another’unit’ like another place and times

and the other thing that the film focus is ‘Words’ in terms of promisess or furthermore in the way they use another vocabulary (like Lion instaed of dog, elephant instead of cat)

so words is the core of the story like literatures the story moving foward with words, not the story it self

i’m not sure that i was right (for both of the film and Barthes) but ‘d like to take note down here about my first glance for this very very great film !

what i like most in the film is Bressonian style of making it was the mixing of children theatre and film from ROBERT BRESSON , but to me it was the greatest method to minimize evey elements of dramatization


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