IN PRAISE OF LOVE(JEAN LUC GODARD/2001/FR) A+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

i think i understand only just a half of the whole film ,but eventough lots of things was in vague i still feel the bauty of it

JLG captured love in terms of history , politic , expereinece , literature , poetic ,sounds and image . The first part reminding me PHILIPPE GARREL’s film without a romantic storyline .It’s the part of phrases disperesd in the air

the second part (in colorful video) which often use to represent present time or future now becoming a past a history that run through us . In this part things they said keep repeating like it was said before but in different context . I really loved the way Godard showed us that how to explain love in terms of history , our own history and yes,world history


We have a project. It relates something of the story of three couples : young , adult, and old . And this something is one of the four moments of love. The meeting , The physical passion , The speration, then the reconciliaion. – IN PRAISE OF LOVE :JEAN LUC GODARD


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