Deewar(Yash Chopra /1975/india)


Deewar(Yash Chopra /1975/india)A++++++++++++++++++++

Bollywood Classics is truly classic after Wqat(A++++++++) the second time of me and Yash Chopra still highly sastified . This film has only one dong without dancing scene and very melodrama but itw…as still very classic .Amitabh Bachchan was very great !

I think we can screen this film together with Manila In the Claws of Neon (Lino Brocka)A++++++++++++++++++++ because it was capturing the social problem at that time in melodramatic storyline but goed further than a story about poverty and oppression It’s ask us about how can we deal with a moral dilemma

To me it have two classic scene , first the scene that Ravi (Sashi Kapoor) shot hte boy at the train station and later knowing that he only stealing breads for his parents and the second one when Amitabh Bacchchan bought a building that his mother used to be a worker who build it

the very interesting article about DEEWAR in india’s political climate early ’70’s


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