Man against the ‘STATE’ and himself and his family his ex-wife i love the way the plot and the idea was represent (in terms of MEMENTO but in DAVID LYNCH’s universe) but i think sometimes the hollywood style and cut annoying me .It’s sharp and have a nightmare vision but sometimes i think it was too much for trying to confused the audience.

At the first thirty minutes the style fascinating me too , but after that i found out that it was too ‘จงใจ’for me , but after i figured it out what the film is all about it fascinating me again

I think this film is talking about the man (maybe the individual one) that try to runaway from eveything but couldn’t .Life is nothing but a maze and we’re all stuck in the middle  , at first he try to runaway from the man who was chasing him (the stae/ the politics) then he lost and keep runing away from himself( his-history  in terms of his family members and his friend from one to another) but  the path (and  the suitcase !) always coming back to the same way .He can’t runawy and then he found out that he didn’t only run away from himself but from’THE INVISIBLE HANDS ‘too .

I think the last scene on the ranch was very very interesting because it was portraying the ‘SYSTEM PROBLEM’ (of the country and the whole world too) the scene show ‘THE POLICE MEET THE GANGS’ and we found out that may be this two world was bound together in our homeland  and we’re nothing but a ball that they are playing and using (It was clear in the tennis scene that the escaping of the main character was nothing but a game of lots of invisible hands that controll our life! I like this two scenes so so much .


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