BANGKOK TRAFFIC (LOVE) STORY (Adisorn Trisirikasem/20009/Thai)

BANGKOK TRAFFIC (LOVE) STORY (Adisorn Trisirikasem/20009/Thai)A+

The hysterical of  half chinese , middle class ,living in big city girls about having boyfriends after living  ‘in the line’ for years

i love a HK comedy elements in the film eventhough i think the director miss some rhythm of comedic point and i like the way he represent hte main character

i think the whole film is ok i can stand through the whole film but a bit wierd in the first half are sastifying me so much

i love PAT Angsumalin in this film she has to be the main character in the next film i think she ‘s the most interesting person in this film

and i love the way the movie represent the chinese family in thailand i think it was better than the chinese family in WONDERFUL TOWN (A)

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