Life,Autumn(Sergei Loznitsa/1998/Russia)

Life,Autumn(Sergei Ioznitsa/1998/Russia)A+++++++++++++

It was just a glance to the people in somewhere faraway without any description  or voiceover or storyline sometime like a hidden camera sometimes  like a  photo but it was enough to tell the story by not to tell just see!

lots of scene was  just a man and his earth and it was beautifully sad . I love the way he capturing people or atmosphere somtime just a waving trees or just a walking on windy road is attack us so much

this film remiding me 4(Ilya Hrzhanovskiy) but in simpl way not a monstorous way like in 4

i love the scene ‘girl row a boat ‘ co much i don’t know why but  ilove the way the boat floating across the camera it was very peacful and beautiful

ithink we can called this film is having  ‘GOAT ‘s EYE VIEW’ it start from the eye of the goat  staring at the whole village and end with it again


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