A NIGHT TO DISMEMBER(DORIS WISHMAN/1983/US)A+++++++++++++++++++++++++

Forget John Waters , Ed Wood , Andie Milligan even Poj Arnon this is the greatest worst horror film’d ever made and i’ve ever seen in my whole life i laugh in every minutes and fall in love with auntie Doris ! (I think it was very much great than th big boobs detective film that was the famous one haha)

She destroy every elements of horror cinema the editing the siund effect the music the acting everything was too bad to be bad so it was the great! she was truly artist

I love the plot the editing, the dubbed sound the special effects, the actors ,the characters , the unreasonable , uncompromise. It was worst than a student film but it’s make the film go so high to me she was the master for Christof Schlingensief!

If it possible i’d like to screening this film with THE BODY BENEATH (ANDIE MILLIGAN) and ATTACK OF KILLER TOMATOES( JOHN De BELLO) and I DRINK YOUR BLOOD(DAVID E. DURSTON) it was perfect for truly horror night!!!!

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