POLYTECHNIQUE (Denis Villeneuve/2009/Canada) +CALVAIRE (Fabrice Du Welz /2004/Belgium)

POLYTECHNIQUE (Denis Villeneuve/2009/Canada)  A+

the massacre for feminist

i like the feminist point in the film because the heroine was attack physically by the muderer who can’t stand women with thier feminist and  mentally attacked by the boss that interviewed her for a job 

i think bearing child is the main point of  the film because at the interview scene she have tosay dhe don’t want a baby to get acceted by the boss and when she was pregnant she really fell fear becuase she will be rejected in anytime and more further if the baby growing up to be a murderer

i love the scene that two guys wandering around the campus one is to killed one is to help but the one who helped cannot do anything , so to me i under stand why he decide like that in the end

i think the heroine write a letter because she’s afrais of her baby will become a muderer

i think it was done very well  especially the massacre cene i was shocked

CALVAIRE (Fabrice Du Welz /2004/Belgium) ..

to boring to me eventhough the plot look nice  , but i love the first scene when elderly woman and the nurse burning by theire passion


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