This film is truly ‘Black Comedy’   the harder you laugh , the stronger pain you’ve got . We can called it another Palestinian film from the director of “Divine Intervention’ but to me it was more sad more sorrow and more laugh

We can split the film into 3 part   3 interval for 3 generation  Form Faud Sulieman the father in the day of revolution lost and struggle for living to Elia the boy that grew up to be like his father a radical for Israel  and then the present day ,new generation of Palestinian  when the palestine -isarael conflict turning to same old story new generation know nothing about the war , the struggle  .Old people is going to die (his father die his mother becoming old woman with diabetes and gradually lost her sight and sound)

One of the most hurtful scene was the scene that his mother have no interesting in fireworks anymore . For her she was going dumb by a long time of oppression of daily life of loneliness and due to the previous scene her maid -The Asian woman sing Karaoke ‘My Heart Will Go On’ it  was more truly hurt because she has no heart anymore and Elia Go on  going where?

The Times That Remains is very hurtful title what remains in time , that we knew it was the best healer for every wound by using  time things was erased even we like it or not sometimes Forget is  more hurt than forgive

It was one of my best film this year

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