Imburnal (Sherad Anthony Sanchez/2009/Phillipines)

Capturing from conversation between madamme MdS and Me

celinejulie said…

I wish I could see IN THE HOUSE OF STRAW and HUACHO. I think IMBURNAL is interesting. What I like about this film includes:

1.The film may be as slow as films by Lav Diaz or Raya Martin, but the film still has different feelings from them. This film has interesting form, or style, or structure, though its form/style/structure is not as strange or as unique as Raya Martin’s films. The film also presents the lives of rural people as convincingly as Lav Diaz’s films, but IMBURNAL doesn’t touch me by “stories of cruelty” like Lav Diaz’s films. IMBURNAL touches me in a different way.

2.The blurred images. Many images in this film are blurred at the left and right side, but the middle of the images is clear. I think this is strange, but it makes this film look a bit like watercolored paintings.

3.The scene in which an old man finds a shirtless muscular man floating down the water. This scene is enigmatic.

4.The bizarre love triangle scene in the sewer

5.The scene in which Gigi masturbates, while we hear the voices of the children

6.The way the lives of these people are represented. It seems the director doesn’t try to overstate the problems nor ignore them.

7.The scene of that shirtless young guy on the roof

8.The film makes me feel that no matter you decide to jump or not, you will fall down to death.

9.Each character in this film seems to live a life with no escape, no “better tomorrow”, no “hope”, but the film also shows the beauty and the happiness in their lives. The film balances very well between the sadness and small pleasures in life.

10.The film makes me feel that its characters are real human beings, full of flesh and blood, minds and souls, and the film achieves this without using “story”.


To me IMBURNAL was very unique film eventhough it capture the poverty , slums and everyfay life of teen boys and girls who always talk about sex and taking drugs but the films have no intention to point to us and teach ‘ It’s bad , they ‘re poor it ‘s a social problem blah blah blah…’ I can truly say the movie is capturing the beauty .It capture the beautiful moment of the teens the moment that they’re all relax , the moment of bliss
This is the scene that I feel it was a moment of bliss
1. the masturbation scene
2. the scene that girls talk about their sex with boyfriends
3.the scene that GIGI fall asleep the camera capture her face we can see even her saliva
4.the scene that two boys catch the cockroaches
5.the sex scene in the boat?
6.the scene that they ‘re walking in cemetery
7.the scene that GIGI drink with the boy

I love the way the director cut the film it one way it look like an amateur film but it was very strange and touching

I think the shore scene is very fabulous it just ‘out of the blue’ scene it was surreal and to me I think the scene doesn’t order by time the first part (the bald guy floating ) maybe the last things that happen (I’m not quite sure about this) and I love the darkness (fo4 5-6 minutes) between the scene very much

I think thi film have two kind of feeling get along together first the beautiful moment and then the pain like in the scene to guy wearing underwear and smoking cigarette it was bliss then it hurt when one of the guy asking for sex as same as the scene the boy catch the cockroaches after that they bath it!

I think it have sense of homosexual extravagant in all scene especially the end of the film and to me Rabut maybe a homosexual guy in this film too

I wish I have time to write a long article in thai


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