Double take(Johan Grimonprez/2009/Belgium)

Double take (Johan Grimonprez/2009/Belgium)

I Cannot explain or summarize or review about this film just one word for the film ‘delicious!’

It consist of ‘found footage ‘ 90%of the film  is about the diacourse between Nixon and Krushev  and a clip about space competition during the cold war ,  clip about  boardcasting TV and yes the narrator is ALFRED HITCHCOCK which not only double but 4 times folds!!! .All clips and archives was piece together without continuation  but cover with the storyline about the meeting of ‘Double lives of HITCHCOCK! And it was not enough because of the storyline was interrupted by ,Yes The commercial!

So the film is like an article plus the very complex short stories piece together  wecannot split or separate or construct or deconstruct any of visual and images it was get along together but reflecting together too and the more the movies goes the more we see ‘Double take ‘ in the name of Reflection of our enemy in the same time and ‘Double Take’ in the name of history that always repeating itself

And it’s OK if u still know nothing even the movie come to the end but do not rush don’t leave thetheatre to complain how bad was it because the “Double Take” will hit you at END CREDIT

To me I love the complexities of the film .It was like we encoding the core of our existence our history by using random archives .Now we know that it have a sign and it’s not a superstitious  It was written not by god but by us we called it HISTORY!


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