LA PIVELLINA(TIZZI COVI +RAINER FRIMMEL/2009/ITALY)(A++++++++++++++++++++++++)

Dardenne ‘s type of film  but it grows up in their own way

I like the way the director directing their actors especially AIA the  2years old girl she was the only light that shines in gloomy life of another character

Many many scene was just a simple  scene of daily life , with static shot or handheld but the longer you watch the more you hurt

It have not much storyline looks like just capturing the daily life (I love the scene that shot the little girl falling asleep slowly very much)  the actors and actress playing themselves in their own home. The social issue was underline through the whole film but the director didn’t show it up or throw them to the audience.  We slowly knows about it and it was hopeless

I love the twilight time in this films it was gradually grow dark  and because it was a natural light it really really dark we see the neon lights glow  and the character walk along the road it was arm and lonely in the same time especially the darkness in the ending it was my best ending this year

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