Chocolat (Claire Denis/1988/France)

Chocolat (Claire Denis/1988/France) A++++++++++++++++++++++++


To me Chocolat is my best Denis film beside L’Intrus


Compared to another Denis’s  Chocolat is  just a plain camera movement without any underline situation.  It looks like straightforward storyline but in every minutes the film pass by , the more your heart was tearing apart


This film concern every aspect of Postcolonial. It’s say out loud that You, the white guy eventhough you love or head  you doing them good or bad  you will not being them you cannot mixed with the colonized people .


The scene in electric generating room is breaking everybody’s heart  and Denis  hit us again when we know because of that she will have mno past , present or future anymore

One of my best scene was the scene that Pathec help Madame dressing herself it was very erotic and it was the origin of BODY in the rest of denis’s films


The American black guy at the end of the films hit us because he’s now autocolonized


Eventhough the last scene was too straight to interprete it still being a great moment


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