Nenette et Boni (Claire Denis /1996/France)

Nenette et Boni (Claire Denis /1996/France)A++++++++++++++++++++++++++

we can called this film by the name of thai novel ‘ THE  DETERIORATION  OF  THE  FAMILY  THAT  LOVE CANNOT  CURE’

Vincent Gallo and Vleria Bruni creating a dirty chemistry that very erotic and very dirty and it was exploded by the camera movement by Anges Godard

I think it was one of the most erotic film in every minutes  in eveymovement of camera in every relationship (especially between nenette and boni  i think in some scenes Boni try to molested her and nenette feel sastify ) between every body  (even a bread a pizza and coffee maker)  think it is beacause of the way of gazing in the film

i love the way nenette do in the end it breaks the mythology about ‘MOTHERHOOD’

i think one thing that Denis get from Wenders is the ear the way she use OST in her film


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