Beau Travail (Claire Denis/1999/France)

Beau Travail (Claire Denis/1999/France) A+++++++++++++

i think the exact word for the film is AUTOCOLONIZED

In one way being  soldier id like being  civilized   being like an imperialist   by using formality uniform ,  unity  and discipline. All legionaires in the film represent the conized people who was force and train to be as an imperialist  ,while Denis Lavant is the one who colonizing himself he adore his commandant  , wants to be like him (Michele Subor)

but in the other way ironing cleaning digging the road  is a job for colonized ppl ,so it was truly autocolonized by try tobe civilized and the try to be as aborigine

Denis Lavant wearing black because he is truly  aborigine  but he is truly imperialist to so hewas stuck in the middle while  Saintain  die in ‘whiteland!’

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