Trouble Every Day (Claire Denis/2001/France)

Trouble Every Day (Claire Denis/2001/France)

in this films Denis turn paris to amazon by the way of camera gazing the river th fog over the sky th bulidings is like a forest then paris turning to uncivilized place

so it was truly post colonial film Beatrice  Dalleis the untamed ,uncivilized she has to be removed Alex Des cas was the colonized people ehotry to tame  their untamed instinct .Eventhough he’s a doctor but in the eye of ‘westerner’ he was showing in the forest (through the picture in magazine)

So Vincent Gallo is representing the westerner who colonized through medical science take advantage from colonized people then burn their house down but yes he is untamed but he can hide

Beatrice Dalles not playing a human she playing as animal and this is one of her masterpiece role  . In the scene she make love and eating the boy it was soscary and erotic


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