Perfumed Nightmare(Kidlat Tahimik/1978/Phillipines)


Perfumed Nightmare(Kidlat Tahimik/1978/Phillipines)

start from satire turn to documentary and raised up to sureal

one of the best post – colonial cinema

i like the scene he thought his jeepy can fly it flew from germany back to france it was  spectacular eventhough it use a simple technique -shot through the window of the plane but the gesture of gazing is incredible  i thought he can fly !

He can make crane or camera  being  like a view from outer space every scene bring us back to the day appollo 11 was shooting out  it is the power of cinema

the circumciscile scene ar so beutiful

the scene that the buffalo disappear was very fabulous (again in very simple technique)

one of my best film this year and may be ever



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